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If you’re like the majority of online business owners, you struggle to stay consistent with your social media content for your business! That’s why I want to talk about how to develop a social media strategy for your online business because if you’re not using your social media accounts to their fullest capacity, you might […]

How to Develop a Social Media Strategy (Step by Step)

If you primarily run your business on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you know that you have to remain consistent on those platforms and interact with your community every day. That can become EXHAUSTING. What if you could get more eyes on your content with little to no effort? And no, I am not talking about […]

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business

In my time as a virtual assistant, I have been asked a million questions about what I do, how I make money, and so much more! That is why I want to share the most frequently I get asked as a virtual assistant and my answers. What is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is […]

FAQ: Hiring a Virtual Assistant

These days it seems like everyone has the secret sauce to getting more likes and more followers on Instagram. Truth is, no one knows what they are doing because every single account is different! In my time as a Social Media Manager, I won’t say I have learned the secret sauce but I have learned […]

7 Tips to Increase Your Engagement on Instagram

Are you a millennial? If you are and you know a thing or two about social media, it’s time to monetize that skill! Day by day more and more people become active online, business open online shops, digital companies begin. If you’ve been looking for an online job, now is the time. I want to […]

3 Reasons to Become a Social Media Manager Right Now

For any online entrepreneur that runs their business through social media, learning how to keep our audience engaged and growing is a huge task! A task that is often outsourced to social media managers and virtual assistants! For my business, I offer Social Media Engagement Services and Lead Generation Services. BUT THEY ARE NOT THE […]

The Difference Between Social Media Engagement and Lead Generation

The first week the c-virus chaos hit the U.S. I was SO nervous. I was worried about my client’s businesses and if they would be able to sustain the economic hit we were about to take. Soon I realized, that I am positioned in one of the best places to be during this crisis. My […]

5 Online Jobs, You Can Work From Home

A common mistake I see with MLM leaders is trying to do it all. Your doing client management, team management, lead generation, closing sales, closing market partners, creating resources, strategizing, calendar management; the list is long. You run a business and an entire team, but you’re holding yourself back by not sourcing.  If you want […]

Why You Need a VA in Your MLM Business